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A Dramatic Story from America’s Colonial Frontier

battle_of_sanduskyWilliam Crawford: farmer, surveyor, and soldier on America’s colonial frontier. His close, thirty-year relationship with George Washington included fighting alongside the future president in the French and Indian War and the American Revolutionary War, as well as serving him as Washington’s surveyor and agent for thousands of acres in the Ohio Valley. This relationship and his military experience would eventually place Crawford in command of an ill-fated expedition to destroy the Native American stronghold along the Sandusky River deep within the Ohio Country. Assigned to lead this expedition in order to prevent the potential repeat of a horrific massacre, Crawford would find himself on trial for that same massacre with his life in the balance.

In this first-ever biography comes the dramatic story of the life and death of a fascinating man, one who was very much a distinct product of the violent, dangerous world that was the American colonial frontier.